What crush washers, O-rings, etc needed to remove and check a Cold Start Valve?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Sep 24 01:08:08 EDT 2004

> Looking to have what I need on hand in advance before I test 
> my Cold Start Valve. So, what do I need in terms of consumables
> (i.e. crush washers or O-rings) before I do the job? ('89 200 Q MC2)

Well, I think all the CSV's just have a paper gasket to the IM you could 
probably get away with re-using, although a new one would be nice.  I 
think getting some gasket paper and making your own would be easier than 
  going to the dealer (unless you're ordering other stuff as well)... 
also, a couple of shiny new S/S socket cap bolts would be nice for 

gasket 050 906 179

bolts M6 x 15 plus washers.

> Likewise, I MAY have to replace my Warm-up regulator, which has
> two SS fuel lines running to it. What size crush washers do I need?

2 - 8 x 11.5
2 - 10 x 13.5

Huw Powell



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