New A6 sighting

Ti Kan ti at
Fri Sep 24 01:24:49 EDT 2004

I was at the local dealer yesterday and saw a new A6 (C6 platform)
with manufacturer's plate.  This one was a 4.2 quattro.  I asked,
and it was a demo car being used for sales training.  A few sales
guys and someone from AOA were giving the car a once over and then
took off on a test drive.

After seeing so many pictures of the new Audi nose, I found
(at least on the US version) it to be slightly "tamed".  There is
still that big grill, but the middle area where the bumper would
cut across is now flanked on top and bottom each with a chrome strip,
effectively dividing the grille and making it look less massive.
In areas where a front license plate is optional (or not enforced),
it would definitely looks better without a plate.

Overall, the car looks more edgy than the C5 platform, yet at the
same time more "mature".

The car's engine sounded glorious.  When those guys drove off the
lot, the car accelerated away very fast and the sound was pure
aural delight.

BTW, there was a whole row of used A8s and S8s for sale.  Remnants
of the dot-com bust?

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