t44 brakes: loud moaning (haunted?)

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 26 14:55:11 EDT 2004

Car is a 1987 5kcstq. Car has stock rotors and pads, except front disks are 
Ate Powerdisk (the ones w/the flower pattern grooves). The Ate's were 
installed about 4 years ago.

Anyway, about the last 9 mos or so, very loud moaning can be heard in the 
passenger cabin when applying brakes. Only happens in situations where 
brakes would be very hot, like aggressive city driving--stop, zoom, stop, 
zoom, stop, etc. This moan is LOUD--similar to a large truck's moan when it 
brakes to a stop. (the moan means it's working!) Moan only seems to come 
from the front of the car.

Brake fade and distance don't seem to be affected, nor is there any 
vibration, chatter, or steering change.  Brake fluid looks good (flushed 
last year) and level is normal, no leaks it seems. Any ideas? Car's going 
into wrench in a couple of weeks--sometimes I have use the list to steer 
them in the right direction and/or get parts from Rod in advance. ;)


from chrisdyer at hotmail.com

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