Differences between 2WD and Quattro (T-89)

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Sep 29 20:35:45 EDT 2004

> However, there IS  Martin Pajak, who turned a Coupe GT into a Quattro.  He
> used to have a website detailing the project, which basically amounted to
> transferring the coupe body to the quattro chassis, if I remember
> correctly.  My link to the site goes nowhere now.  Maybe he has it
> somewhere else.


and he probably thought it *was* "easy."

>>>My trusty 90Q is showing a lot of rust damage in the body and I am
>>>beginning to think about a replacement.  There are a lot of cheap and
>>>not rusted cars available down south but most are not quattros.	I
>>>wonder if my quattro mechanicals could be (easily) transplanted into
>>>a 2WD body?  Any thoughts?
>>As chairman of the New Hampshire chapter of the "Well, Basically" club I 
>>would have to say, well, basically, no.
>>The floor pan is different - the main issue being that all the rear 
>>suspension attachments are different.

Huw Powell



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