fuse blowing on 5KT

millers ink mlrtym at nbnet.nb.ca
Sat Apr 2 15:39:01 EST 2005

Thanks go out to you and robert.
I finally got into the trunk this afternoon, and found that all the
wires were missing insulation and 4 were broken completely off.
I now know why the trunk interior light was not working as well,(The 2
proverbial birds).
Soldered and taped, replaced the fuse, and all is good once again.
Thanks again
87 5KT

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Check for chafing of the wires near the trunk hinge.  Common Type44

millers ink wrote:

>i thaught i fixed the problem with #12 fuse blowing, but it did it
>i found a corroded back up light socket, and when i unplugged it, the
>fuse didnt blow.
>that was about a month ago, and today, it blew again.  as you know, it
>kills the speedo, tach, and all indication, as well as the one backup
>light that i still had.

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