4kq v8 conversion

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 3 01:56:31 EST 2005

... I forget the website, but I know there are folks already doing this sort 
of conversion ... I say more power to you!  ;-)  I love the off the line 
jump the PT has over a turbocharged engine.

Tony's given some good advice, but I do question the statement about the 
flywheel availability.  I got a  brand new unit not too long ago myself.  If 
they are unavailable here in the states you should be able to get them in 
Europe ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
PTx3 ... 2 in cars, one getting ready to be transplanted into a T44 Avant 

> I've reserached this pretty extensively. I'll try to answer any questions 
> you have, starting with the ones in this email.
> The bellhousing is the same. You have to get a flywheel from a 5 speed V8, 
> as they use ten bolts and all others use 8. They are NLA, so you have to 
> get an alluminum one. There are occasional group buys, but Ben at 
> ubernugen.com sells a complete kit with the correct clutch, and he seems 
> pretty knowledgable about the V8 conversions.
> It is pretty easy to wire, and you use the complete engine wiring harness 
> from the V8. Then, there are about 20 wires to splice together. I actually 
> started schematics of these. It's pretty simple, really.
> The engine mounts for the V-engines are level with each other, while the 
> inline engines are offset. So, you will have to weld the mounts in.
> I'd say forget the G60's. We have them on the 5000, and the V8, and they 
> aren't all that impressive. Also, you would have to use the 90 struts, as 
> you mentioned. Then you need RS2 hubs. They are about $500 for a pair. I'd 
> either go with cross drilled rotors, better pads, and synth fluid. Or, 
> upgrade them with aftermarket brakes.
> Here's the real problem. A 4000 uses a vacuum booster right where the 
> drivers side distributor would hit. You have several options. You can use 
> a manual master cylinder. You can use the hydraulic setup from the V8. You 
> can modify your booster (not easy). Or, you can use the master you have, 
> and convert it to manual. I'd recomend changing the pivot point. That 
> would make it easier to push, and give you the proper length of pedal 
> travel.
> I have a idea. I want to do a 4KQ V8 conversion. I have not been able to 
> find much info on this. I know its passable, but I need more info so I can 
> put a plan together. Can any one give me more info in this like how will 
> ecu set up work. I would like to do a G60 up grade. I believe that I can 
> use the brakes from a V8. I will use 90q struts and springs to make the up 
> grade work. Is there any way to use the V8 wheel hubs on the 90q struts?? 
> If i can make the wheel hubs work on the 90 struts I can use the rotors 
> What wheel bearing would I use?? Is it worth it to use the V8 wheel hubs 
> vs. the 4KQ wheel hubs?? I appreciate any input you may have.

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