4kq v8 conversion

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Why not use an Audi V6? It will fit your gearbox, and fitment will be much cleaner.

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Date: Monday, April 4, 2005 8:24 am
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> I am gearing up to try something a little different. A V6 in my 
> '82 CGT. The 
> power plant I have in mind is an all aluminum engine and 
> transmission from an 
> '02 Chrysler 300. The project is driven by the fact that I picked 
> up the 
> package for $600.00 and a date coded six-pack manifold. Since the 
> CGT is FWD, I am 
> not constrained to use the Audi transmission. I expect to use the 
> Chrysler 
> tranny by splicing the Chrysler axles to the Audi units. So far, I 
> am at the 
> measuring stage. The project will have to wait until I have a 
> week, or so, of 
> free time. I am rebuilding my barn and a few other things, so 
> there may be a 
> significant hibernation period.
> For those considering a swap, either Audi or not, here is a hint. 
> Most 
> manufacturers "training manuals" contain something called the 
> "engine performance 
> wiring diagram".  These are intended for troubleshooting. However, 
> if you cut 
> away everything else, you have a "stand alone" wiring harness. 
> Tom Faust
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