Donating 2 '90 90s unless a lister wants them

Torbjorn Bergstrom torbjornbergstrom at
Mon Apr 4 14:25:38 EDT 2005

Ok so I know I'm not supposed to post about my cars for sale here, 
that's what the marketplace is for.  But I'd rather that these two cars 
go to a lister than see them sold at auction,,,

I've got 2 '90 90s, one automatic, one 5 speed, both non-quatro I'm 
going to donate both to my local NPR station unless some lister wants 
either of both of them.

Both run and drive fine.
Both will need some work to make them acceptable daily drivers IMO.

I don't have the time and energy to deal with selling them so if anyone 
wants either or both let me know by Monday the 11th, that is the day 
I'll mail the titles to the company handling the donations.

I'm thinking $300 each or $500 for the pair is fair but I'm willing to 
listen to other suggestions.

I won't part the cars out.  If you want the black car because of the two 
new radiators, or the relatively new OEM Exhaust you have to take the 
whole car...

The marketplace postings are:

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