wheel question.. why is width and diameter in inches but

tihol tiholov tihol.tiholov at sd27.bc.ca
Tue Apr 5 19:11:03 EDT 2005

> Maybe the explanation lies in these facts:
> 1- Offset exists only on wheels that are NOT zero-offset (where the
> flange is in the center of the tread)
> 2- All RWDs (American cars until 1980) usually use zero-offset wheels
> 3- FWD cars are an European invention (since the 30s with Citroen)
> 4- FWD cars need positive offset wheels so the load on the wheel
bearings is
> in the center of the tire tread and the CV joint is not too far

This maybe so.  Still inteersting that Porsche has some of the largest
ET in the business @ 50+


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