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Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 6 07:14:48 EDT 2005

John Larson wrote:
> TT said:  "3- FWD cars are an European invention (since the 30s with
> Citroen)."
> Harry Miller developed and ran an FWD race car in late 1924, paving the way
> for all FWD applications since.  

Thanks, Google:

There was the Latil et Riancey displayed at the Salon de
I’Automobile in Paris in 1899. "M. de Riancey has started
from the principle that it is more sensible to pull than
to push his voiturette."

And then there is Porsche: "Another interesting but limited
concept, was the Lohner-Porsche “Mixed” of 1901. A development
of the Lohner electric car, that used electric motors in the
hubs to drive the front wheels."

As they say, everything old is new again.

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