Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Wed Apr 6 18:06:49 EDT 2005

I'm not sure if anyone has, but if it'll bolt up, I'd do it. It won't improve your braking any, as the main components are the same (calipers, rotors, and pads). However, It is Alluminum, so it won't rust internally, and should work the same. IIRC, it is shorter, so you will also have more room.
Let us know if it works out,
Tony Hoffman

Jeff Babcock <jbabcock at> wrote:

Hi Everybody,
I have a leak in the power booster for the brakes.(you know, the thing 
that the master cylinder bolts to)
The car is an 86 5KTQ. I pulled one from an automatic V8Q . The question 
is, has anyone ever put a master cylinder and booster from a V8 into a 
5KTQ?? The connections to the booster are sightly different, but looks 
like they could be bent to fit. The theory for doing this is that the V8 
being a heavier car, transplanting the part should improve the brakes in 
the 5KTQ. Any BTDT? Suggestions? Comments?
Thanks in Advance!
Jeff B.

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