Meow? (NAC but VAG diagnostics)

Eric S scirocco at
Thu Apr 7 11:07:20 EDT 2005

Could be the cat plugging up...that is the typical symptoms...but I would
be more suspicious of the MAF.


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tihol tiholov said:
> Patient: '99 VW NBeetle, 229K kms, 2.0, sparkplugs are about 30K, wires
> about 4-5 weeks old, both OEM.
> Cold-like symptoms turing into pneumonia - cough, sneeze, sputter, @
> initial start smooth idle, then after a couple of seconds misfiring and
> even stalling, no power, impossible to drive except downhill.
> All this went on and off for a few months, lately progressively worse to
> almost lethal.
> On Sun used VAG-COM to turn off CEL or MIL, if you will, codes were System
> too lean and some intermittent misfiring.  Irregular running but was
> drivable on my 1.5-acre gravel driveway.  Smelled hot like a kitty.  On
> Mon taking off downhill, made it till the mountain bottom, no power,
> stopped, trying to drive, CEL blinking and smells like the kitty.
> So, I think, if it smells like a cat ... it gotta be one.  VAG-COM saved
> random and particular cyl. misfiring - 3 and 4 this time, 2 was there
> before.  OXS shall be renewed as it's more than 100K but doubt it it would
> make it so sick.
> MAC - on my '88 Typ 89 the kitty was caught plugging before the 200k kms
> mark by an alert exhaust tech, so no BTDT of my own.
> Just wonder what other people's experiences with a  plugging cat were.
> Also, anything else to blame the car flue on?
> Thanks all and merry spring motoring.
> Tihol
> TT
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