NAC, For the 914 fans

John Cody Forbes cody at
Thu Apr 7 12:36:22 EDT 2005

Sorry for the NAC, but theres lots of 914 fans out here so I figured it would be liked.

Had this 914 come in last week for a check-up. It was *MINT*, so I looked in at the odometer - 23,000 miles. Yes original. Car was kept in a A/C'ed storage unit for more then 15 years without seeing the light of day, and was just purchased by a customer at my fathers shop for more then (he wouldn't tell us the exact number) ***$75,000***. 

-Cody Forbes
'86 5ktq
'86 5ktq
'86 5k-t-q
'87 5ktq - Fast. 

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