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Yes, the M80 is also CIS E-3 and the major difference is that the 90 is a
5cyl and 80 is a 4cyl in most cases.  In the M80 I pulled a engine
management harness and control unit - there was only one control unit.  In
the 87.5 the fuel and ignition units were separate.  They may have
integrated them in later versions.  There would of course be differnces in
the control units for no. of cyl. particularly the ignition module, so I
don't know if they are directly plug compatable, even if the later CIS-E3
consolodated the ignition and fuel into one control unit.

I did observe that most of the sensors were the same, but not recalling
specifics except of course the different distributors, but even these use
the same hall sensor connector.

My bet would be that it would be easier to re-arrange some wires and add a
few if need be than to install a different harness - I assume that is really
what you are trying to do, but - what are you trying to do?


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Thanks huw, I mean the loom which connects to all the sensors etc on the
engine itself....
I know the 90q is cis3
But not sure about the 80, I know it has a lot of the same hardware, I
guess the main difference would be if the 80 has a pot on the airflow
Ill look tonight. thx

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