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  A friend of mine ran a moded 4 cyl electronique systeme on a 5 cyl. It Digifan from VW. He told me the injectors fire at the same time so it can be use on 5.

  Its what i have been told. I did saw him anymore. So i can't get more info about it.

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    Stupid question.....
    But wouldn't the 4cyl loom/electronics run on the 5cyl engine? 
    At the end f the day the ecu doesn't care how many sparks per cycle
    there are, it only sees and deals with individual sparks.....
    am I being stupid?

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    The system I pulled from '89 model 80 was not Motronic, but a late
    of mechanical fuel injection with knock sensing, essentially the 4 Cyl
    version of CIS-E3.  To my surprise, there was only one control unit
    integrated the fuel and ignition systems - everything goes to one brain.

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    > > Yes, the M80 is also CIS E-3 and the major difference is that the 90
    > > 5cyl and 80 is a 4cyl in most cases.
    > According to a quick skim of my Bentley, as per memory, the 4 cyl
    > id Motronic, not CIS.  IE, completely incompatible.
    > > In the M80 I pulled a engine
    > > management harness and control unit - there was only one control
    > > the 87.5 the fuel and ignition units were separate.  They may have
    > > integrated them in later versions.
    > Every CIS-E3 car I've cut into has two control units - one for fuel,
    > for ignition.  In fact, my 90Q came to me with an 87.5 ign. computer
    > installed, that I sold the local tech to get it running again.  Fuel
    > one place, ignition buried in the right kick panel where windshield
    > leaks will kill it...
    > In short - as far as USA models go - the 4 cyl is Motronic and
    > completely incompatible with the 5 cyl CIS-E3 system.
    > As far as the ROW is concerned, well, we don't know for sure... they
    > won't tell us on the news, what's happening out there....
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