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The correct lube the the transmission is GL-4 rated gear lube, Redline (brand) MTL (product)
for example. The correct lube for the rear differential is a GL-5 rated lubricant such as
Redline GL-5, I do not remember the rest of its name.

I am not a poster boy for Redline, it is just one of the brands that does a good job of
differentiating between GL-4 and GL-5, and it comes up on this list frequently.

Mineral Oil PS Fluid. I have been seeing it in friendly local auto parts stores (FLAPS) for
years now. The products are called Pentosin  7.1 and 11s and are in distictive green and/or
white rectangular tin cans. To be honest, the dealer here (MPLS) has the same price on it as
the FLAPS.

If you want extended discussion of the above subjects, please poke around in the archives.
They have had the shit kicked out them in there.

Tom LH

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What kind of oil/trans grease do you guys run in your transaxle, as
well as the rear differential? Also is there a good source of the
mineral hydraulic oil for the power steering, besides the local audi


Ryan Moon

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