[urq] Re: Swaybar bushings.

Andrée-Anne Bourgeois laraa at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 13 21:07:22 EDT 2005

I love it when I answer twice to the same question...

Here in front of me, I have 2 sets of bushings for the early style Audi

- 823 411 327B : 
inner diameter is 18mm, rubber is black and soft. 
80-84 4000, 73-79 Fox, 74-81 Dasher, 82-85 Quantum. 

- 855 411 327 : 
inner diameter is 20mm, rubber is also soft.
82-84 4000, 81-87 Coupe, 82-85 Quantum.

One just need to enlarge the hole to 24mm (?) and voilà, a custom bushing .

Externally, these 2 are identical to the urQ OEM green bushings,
857 411 327. I found the part number in the Euro-ETKA. Don’t try to order in
Europe, NLA there too... I already checked last fall.

If OEM is NLA for the 2 “alternative” bushings, they should be available at
any good suspension supplier if you ask for one of these cars. Maybe poly is
available too ?  

There is one more possibility: the rear OEM urQ bushings. They will be too
small too but the rubber is harder. Maybe there’s some NOS at Audi? 
Part number is 857 511 327. 



"Ben Swann" asked :   

What is to be done about replacing swabar bushings - where does one source
these.  I tried to order a set for my '83 Ur Quattro (early VIN) from the
dealer and they are obsolete even the later style.  So I ordered the ones
for the 4000 Quattro in hopes they could be coerced to fit.  I got a call
later that they are obsolete too - How many 4000 quattros are out there?

Anyway, so what do I use for swaybar bushings.


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