going to see an 874kcsq, pointers (resending, not sure if this went through,

Robert M porter_t_dog at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 13 22:13:47 EDT 2005

melted headlight switch
bad terminals in the taillamps
operational power windows, sunroof, mirrors.
check for difflock function (drive slowly in a straight line and turn the 
switch to position 2, both lights should light. if not don't stress but use 
as a bargaining point)
evidence of water in trunk
evidence of leaky windshield seal
funny tire wear
rust on underbody
bent frame rails or a-arms from poor jacking technique
condition/integrity of exhaust system.

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>Subject: going to see an 874kcsq, pointers (resending,not sure if this went 
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>Hey all,
>I'm going to look at an 87 4KQCS this weekend, and wondered if anyone
>had any pointers on what to look out for,Other than the usual stuff
>(leaks, burning oil, ticking lifters,vacuum pump etc..) Here's what i
>know already, t-belt, lifters, water pump, t-stat changed in the last
>10k. I've already looked over the body, only a small chip in the hood,
>paint is shiny otherwise(much to my suprise!!). The odo has stopped,
>est mileage 175-200K. Apparently the owner has a book of repair
>records, which makes it look promising. Let me know what you think.
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