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Kent McLean kentmclean at
Thu Apr 14 15:34:15 EDT 2005

Ivan Demkovitch wrote:
> Well.. If somebody instruct me on how to search Audifans archives :)

Point your web browser to: <>

Near the bottom of the page is a text entry box labeled
"Google".  Enter the text for which you want to search.
For example:

heater core removal

Then click on the "Google Search" button.

To aid your search, try it also with "remove" and "removing"
instead of "removal".

Enclose a phrase in quotes: "heater core" removal

Put a - (hyphen) before a word to exclude it from the search:
	"heater core" -thermostat

Put a + (plus) before a word to include it ("and" instead
of "or", the default. That is, +heater +core will find only
those items where both heater and core are on the page.
Without the +, it will find pages with heater or core on
the page).

Kent McLean
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