Saw the 4kq, now is it worth it?

Sun Apr 17 17:51:03 EDT 2005

Several years ago I was selling a 4KQ and the guy showed up with his pencil  
& paper and pry bar. He spent about three hours looking for anything that  
could be wrong and came up with a long list of parts subtracted off my price and  
made a ridiculously low offer. I dug thru my service records and pulled out 
the  original window sticker, subtracted his list off the sticker price and 
made my  counter offer..........
You are buying a 20 year old car and it will always have something on it in  
need of repair. You must consider it as a hobby that you are willing to spend  
time and money on, if not, go buy a Honda.
'85 4KSQ, 142K (for sale but a lot more that $2000)
'88 80Q, 195K (for sale .. cheap)
'86 Honda CRX Si 199K 

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