Fuel Cell Install 5KTQ Avant touring.

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 18 21:21:08 EDT 2005

Chris M wrote:
> The gas would drip out of the tank at idle and when driving 
> from the center area and when I finally shut off the car it 
> would actually stream out for 3 mins. 
> After that the leak would stop. 

I'd confirm the source of the leak before making a decision.
The fact that it leaks for 3 minutes after you shut off the
car would indicate it's leaking from a pressurized source.
The fuel lines are pressurized, not the tank.  After running
for a while, most tanks have a vacuum (you can hear the hiss
when you remove the gas cap).  It may even be a leak at the
fuel pump, making it seem like it's the tank.

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