Fuel Cell Install 5KTQ Avant touring.

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 18 21:33:52 EDT 2005

Chris M wrote:
> As you state on what to check, You mentioned the fuel pump. WOuld you 
> mean that the In tank fuel pump would be leaking? If so, how would that 
> leak externally to be that much? As for the Pressure return line to the 
> tank, Is that a rubber line running from the top of the tank to the 
> bottom of the car? 

I'm thinking the connections from the fuel pump to the fuel lines.
Also, I've heard that the metal fuel lines can rust through under
the clips that secure them to the body.  Water and salt (in the
north) gets under the rubber and hurries the process.

That said, I had to replace the tank in my '89 200 because it
was holed.  That is why I said to confirm the source of the
leak before you replace the tank -- you'd be upset if the new
fuel cell leaked because the old lines were the real problem.

Kent McLean
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