Wildly fluctuating oil temps

mike mcclurg rrrrraudi at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 12:27:55 EDT 2005

Does banging on the dash near the gauge matter? I had
this happen with the oil pressure gauge on my '89 100q
and I finally decided it was a loose wire, loose
connection or just some conductive dirt in the gauge
itself. Although I have yet to tear down the dash and
prove it.

--- Andrew Duane <andrew at savaJe.com> wrote:
> Recently, my 2000 A6Q2.8 has started showing a
> deeply troubling symptom.
> Sometimes, the oil temp will be rock steady at just
> shy of 225 degrees.
> Sometimes, though, it will start fluctuating up and
> down pretty quickly.
> The swing can be as little as 10-20 degrees, or as
> much as 50-75 degrees!
> Needless to say, watching the oil temp go from 225
> to 300 in 15 seconds,
> wiggle a bit, then drop back down to 225 is
> unsettling.

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