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Wed Apr 20 21:05:18 EDT 2005

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> I'm thinking of wiring in an Engine Start button ala  adnoH S2000.
> >>
> >>Sacrilege?

I had a start button in my first car, that was a '33 Ford Roadster. It was 
old when I got it, IIRC, it had a '53 Olds motor. The response to pushing the 
start button always seemed more gratifying than it would have seemed if I had 
twisted a key. Although we are used to it now, Fords between '32 and '48 had a 
steering column lock. You had to remember not to turn off the ignition and 
coast to a stop. When I was 16, I traded that car for a Chevy powered '40 Ford, 
I'm running on.

Tom Faust

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