5 cylinder cam specifications

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Apr 21 15:10:27 EDT 2005

Most of the data I have on there I "borrowed" from elsewhere.  Some of 
it I have cross-checked against what is in some Bentley shop manuals I 
have.  So if you can find the manual for the cars with the engines in 
question, the info you need should be listed in them.

> Huw,
> Do you have some information on HY 2.2NA 5cyl engine, hydr. lifters?
> In my opinion it's more like KV, but I'm not so sure. It have EGR system, no
> cat, no lambda control.
> I think it was made for Swiss market.
> Another enine I can't find info about WJ engine it is 2.1 Turbo engine, no
> intercooler, no lambda, CR 7:1 170PS acording to ETKA, solid lifters
> The reason that I ask this question - I have an KG engine in my '85 Audi
> 200, another 2 HY engines in 2 Coupe Quattro, one with bad front hit :(
> and another WJ engine in my garage - It must be in my Coupe Quattro until
> the end of the summer.
> So I wonder what will happen if I make some camshaft mix between this
> engines :)

>>>A few months ago I ran across a nice table listing lift, duration, etc
>>>for a number of turbo and non-turbo audi 5-cylinder cams.
>>This one has some stuff like that:

Huw Powell



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