Timing Belt finally fixed

Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 27 01:19:50 EDT 2005

My timing belt is fixed ... but ...

it took three round trips to Phoenix from Flagstaff,
the second day I had to bring the timing belt myself ...
and I was told that the mechanic that day wasn't going to
work on my car  (I had to drive down
there to be told that as they couldn't seem to find
my telephone number that day and waited for me to
drive 2.5 hours there before telling me ...
. . . so that meant in addition to the quote
for timing belt, etc., I had a bill for three days of rental
car, hours of driving/gasoline for three of the four days 
*and* missing four days of work.

When I originally called I told them I was driving from Flagstaff
and didn't want to leave the car overnight so would
the please order the parts ahead of time.

No problem I am told, but when I got there they did
not have the parts as they said they never order them
in advance, the second day they still don't have the
correct parts . . . good thing I brought the timing 
belt with me.

I hate car dealings that go like this!

Next time I'll go to the dealership for major repairs.


"Create a great day!"

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