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I have used Chevron exclusively for 10 years in my 86 4000 CSQ- have an 80
mile daily commute over a 10,000 ft pass never any problems with gasoline or


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Has anyone used Chevron gasoline much?

I happened to drive by a foreign repair shop that I had not
seen before and stopped to talk about my lugging and
hard starting problem with my car.

He said to try Chevron gas as they (the shop) had tried to find
some things on some cars with no success and as a last ditch
effort had the customer change gasoline.

I told him I had used Shell for the last couple of years
and he said that some of the companies have a waxy
additive which causes carbon clogging or something along
those lines.

I got a bottle of the Chevron additive along with a
half tank of gas.   We'll seek whether than makes
any difference.


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