40/60 Torsen

Wylie Bean TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com
Wed Apr 27 09:49:07 EDT 2005


Thanks for the info.  Sorry guys, but you can't always believe what you
read.  Either Marc was mistaken or misunderstood.

40/60 Torsen debuts in MY 2006 (June 2005 production) S4 manuals only
(sedan/Avant/Cabriolet).  Auto tiptronic models remain with 50/50 (we're
still finding out why - an answer may come w/in a few weeks).  I was in
Ingolstadt the week before last and confirmed this 300%.

40/60 will debut in RS4 as well at its market intro in April 2006.  RS4 will
be 100% 6-speed manual transmission.  For more information, please go to the
RS4 minisite on VINNIE/Audi/Product Lines/RS4, where you can find an initial
1-pager info piece on the car (I just posted it last week, so I didn't get
the chance to put out a communication piece as of yet).

40/60 will not be on all future Audi models.  Since the rear-biased 40/60
quattro system is performance oriented, one can surmise that quite possibly,
future performance models would be likely candidates........More word later
on which ones.....

In the future, if you have one ounce of doubt or confusion, I'm always
available to answer these questions before retractions have to be sent out
to our dealer partners.

For Canada, this is interesting, as they started their B7 with MY 2006.
This means that they will have a MY 2006 S4 manual sedan/Avant with 50/50,
and then later on with 40/60.  Good thing is, you can tell the 40/60 car
very easily because Canadian A4/S4 models finally get satellite radio prep
as of June 2005 production = dolphin roof antenna is the giveaway for
sedan/Avant.  S4 Cabriolet is also clear cut:  2006 S4 Cab manuals are
40/60, because it continues to fall under normal model year production


Christian Bokich
A4/S4/RS4 Product Manager

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