Chevron gasoline

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Wed Apr 27 11:24:57 EDT 2005

MTBE is being phased out which was an oxygenate usually mixed in at 15%
by volume. Techron is a mix of hydrocarbons (mostly aromatics) and is
part of the additive package in the fuel.

My '86 5ks only gets Chevron. Over the years (I am the original owner) I
have tried other brands only to find hard starting problems and poor
performance. This is particularly true in the transition from winter to
summer gas when the vapor pressure is adjusted.

I also put a container of Techron additive in for the last fill-up
before the 10K oil changes (yes, there is one also at 5K) to keep the
injectors cleaned. The car has 145K miles and no fuel issues.


'86 5Ks Avant
'02 TTQR

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> Wasn't that techron stuff banned? Or was that just for those cans of
> stuff you could buy? (That's what I remember from audifans discussion
> many years back. I'm not in the USA, so not sure if that was even
> available).
> Caltex used to have the Techron stuff in their fuel over here. Loved
> that fuel, but haven't seen it for about 7 years now.
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