[urq] running MC-1 with WX F.I.

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I'm just speculating here, but mostly from just having done similar swap.
The FI would pretty much work with your MC-1, an you may in fact want to
retain the fuel distributor setup, as a changeover would be somewhat
convoluted(MC distributor is backwards). I would think you would want to go
with the MC electricals, ECU, knock sensor, etc.  You would want to convert
to the shrouded injectors from the MC.  A little mix and match may be
necessary with the CIS interchange, but as you have the fuel distributor
setup from the WX already, you won't have to do much, just the injectors and
lines - I think they are better although the lines are longer, and take
advantage of the air shrouding.

Not sure which CPR/WUR to use - they are easy to swap and so find which
gives the best warmup.  I used the MC WUR with WX CIS distributor, so they
ar interchangeable.  That engine which was installed in the '83 CGT started
fine and went through warmup fine.

I think it is worth an extra day or even two to swap the engine management -
ECU and harness.  It should not take that long, but don't underestimate
either.  Much of my time was figuring out what things were and documenting -
I provide the info. regarding this that should help do it faster than I did:

If you decide to use the MAC-02/WX setup then use the older flywheel - But
don't!  Really - use the MAC-11 system, less picky and easier to tweak.  I
think using the best of  both systems - nice air intake and the UrQ downpipe
is bigger!  With QLCC chip it was ripping the wheels off the FWD CGT even
with the Quaife.


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Checking out my options.   I'm thinking of junking my '87 5kcstq and
swapping the engine and tranny which work perfectly into the urq.  The
MC-1's 7.8:1 cr /K24 turbo has my  WX's 7.0:1/K24 turbo beat hands down.

Question 1: Can the WX stuff run the MC-1?  It would be only for a short
while until I go EFI.  I recall there's a difference in the engine timing
pin on the flywheel.

Question 2: Was there a performance gain with the 2 pc. EM?  I've got 2
un-cracked 1 pc EMs and while we're switching engines anyways...


'83 ur-quattro # 302]

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