'97 A4 Engine and Wheels

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Apr 29 22:08:38 EDT 2005

Doug Johnson writes:
> I've run across a '97 A4q 2.8 with a manual transmission and the 5-spoke OEM 
> wheels.
> Looking at Bentley manuals online, it looks like they went to the 30-valve 
> V6 mid-way though '97.

AFAIK the 30V engine started with the 1998 model year in the US.  But
since production of '98 M.Y. cars start in calendar year 1997, the Bentley
is correct.

> Are there any physical distinctions that will tell me if the engine's a 
> 12-valve or a 30-valve?

Yes, the most obvious clue is that the 30V engine has the word "5V"
on the plastic covers over the cylinder heads.  Also, looking at the
engine from the front of the car, the 12V have the oil filler cap
on the left side bank, whereas the 30V has it on the right side bank.

The shape of the 30V engine plastic covers are also more curvacious
compared to the angular ones on the 12V, but you'd have to have seen
both to appreciate the difference.

Ti Kan
Vorsprung durch Technik

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