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Robert T. Masson rtm2 at
Sat Apr 30 19:12:57 EDT 2005

I have an 1984 4kq that is just about to go to the metal crusher.  If you 
want it, it runs fine, you can drive it home.  I live at the top of a steep 
hill, I can still get to the same final speed at the top that I could 
attain when there was only 25k on the engine.  My guess is that I am around 
200k now.

Low rust, new (under 20 miles)  Midas exhaust system, new front brakes.  It 
is all of the little things that are failing.  Dash is 
suncracked.  Distributor wires are a bit unhappy on foggy days.  The 
odometer failed about 1998 (my guess is about 200k now).  Dash lights are 
now provided by a glue on mini maglight mount.  Read door handles are 
messed up on the outside, but fine on the inside.  No rear bumper, no front 
spoiler, LF strut complains, winters and aggressive summers (215, 50, 15 
Dunlop Sports -- ran circles around others at Watkins Glenn, if they let me 
pass) mounted separately.  Heater core has minor leak, no dampness 
but...  The expensive (if available) tail light assemblies are fine.  If 
you are interested, I can answer about other parts as well.  It is black, 
only three colors in the '84 4kq.

It is located in Ithaca, NY.  I will not part out the car, it is all or 
nothing and I intend to dump it before June.

If someone has a great body and all accesories, but a blown drive train, 
and wants to sell cheap, I suppose the deal could go the other direction, 
but I think that it would be better for me to unload this car instead.

German delivery, U.S. specs, it has been outside of the speedo speed range, 
to redline in fifth on the autobahn -- about 130 mph -- they didn't put in 
a catalyst until it was delivered state side and I never pushed the top end 
over here.

rob masson


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