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Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Tue Aug 2 11:01:29 EDT 2005

I've had the chance to drive and play with the C6 chassis A6 Avant recently.

The new car is absolutely huge- the best comparison I've heard as of
yet was the guy who was picking up this particular car- he was
replacing a Saab 9000 hatchback, which is a car that has incredible
cargo capacity with the seats folded down.

The tracks and movable cleats in the load floor are quite neat and
it's a very sleek looking Avant.

During my test drive, it seemed as though every single Audi driver
that I drove past was checking out the car. It helped that the car was
Canyon Red, which is a pretty striking color- it stands out from the

I like the 3.2 FSI engine quite a bit- the 255hp is on paper not that
impressive, but driving the car, it's quite a nice drivetrain. The 3.2
in the A4 really gives it some grunt (can't wait for the 6-speed
manual to show up) and even in the much heavier A6, it's still a
decent drive.

If you're used to a 3.6L V-8, the 3.2 will be quite nice- it's
torquey, not fast, but decent.

On 8/2/05, urq <urq at> wrote:
> I was at a local dealer to pick up some parts for my next (and hopefully
> final) attempt at passing smog ... and decided to peek around the showroom
> ... walking down the hall I saw some wicked looking P-cars ... but then I
> found my way to the Audi side.  The quest was to get information on the new
> A6 Avant ... Audi's website indicates that it will be out "this summer" ...
> but with little other details on availability.  Well, what do I find but a
> lovely blue example sitting on the show room floor!  I talked to the sales
> guy a bit ... he didn't have any literature ... he indicated that they
> weren't supposed to be available yet, but he had two on site!
> >From my POV this is the first Audi Avant I would consider a replacement for
> my T44 Avant.  The roofline tapers down toward the rear of the car ... kinda
> reminds me of the Dodge Magnum a bit.  The liftgate is reminscent of the T44
> ... too bad it isn't like the Magnum in this regard ... It would be nice if
> it gave a bit more clearance.  I also wish that the car had a larger
> sunroof.  I think I'll take a test drive when I have time ... I'd love to be
> able to see how that direct injection (SEFI) engine runs ... the numbers are
> better than my 3.6liter V8s.  I only wish that I had the option of a manual
> tranny ...
> As I was leaving the show room I noticed the RS6 that I had blazed past when
> I had entered ...
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
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