A4 1.8T Q (B6)- SLUDGE problem confirmed

David VS davidvs at iserv.net
Wed Aug 3 12:42:32 EDT 2005

Dan DiBiase wrote:

>snip > I was always amazed that
>the 1.8t only took 4.2 quarts (or I guess it's just under 4.5 with the new
>larger filter) of oil. I can't remember having a car that took les than 5
>quarts in the past - even my '95 Jetta with the very understressed 2.0
>engine took 5 quarts. 
>Dan < Snip

My local dealer parts guy said that's the main reason (or part of the 
problem) for the sludge issue.  The Audi 1.8t holds less oil (than say 
the VW 1.8ts).  So they are having a larger problem with sludge.  They 
now use only synthetic oil in the Audi 1.8ts.

Seems to me that adding an additional external oil cooler would be an 
effective way to increase oil quantity...

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