Locating a Pass. Side steering knuckle for wheel bearing job

Evan Parker evan at nextgenrealty.com
Wed Aug 3 13:03:48 EDT 2005

Hey guys, I just got an 1988 audi 90 quattro for a new winter beater.  I
live and work in Boston and do real estate, so I'm always in need of
being able to get around on the road, I'm hoping the quattro will help
me out this winter.

My new old car has a few minor problems which I have been slowly
addressing.  The biggest ones are the exterior being beat up, lack of a
stereo and what rewiring I'll have to do to put in an aftermarket HU,
and the fact that I have a wheel bearing that is on it's way out.

I have done a lot of research online about doing work on the car and
have found a lot of good information, but I haven't been able to address
the issue of where to find a spare knuckle. 

Information I've found has suggested that the ideal way to do the wheel
bearing job on the car would be to get a spare steering knuckle and get
a new bearing pressed in that, and then replace the whole assembly on
the car afterward so the car has minimal downtime, and so that I can
bring the knuckle to the machine shop and get the bearing pressed while
the car is still more of less functioning.  I haven't been able to
locate any shops online that have knuckles, though autohauz does have
the wheel bearing ultra cheap.

I have access to air tools and everything I'd need to do the bearing,
but I do not have a 6 10 20 whatever tonne press to press it in with.

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight where I could locate this part,
or if my whole approach to this project is just silly :)

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