Knuckle-hub-wheel bearing

William Magliocco magliocc at
Wed Aug 3 17:44:56 EDT 2005

This won't help you, but you have the right idea:

There is a mail-order VW place in Michigan "Parts
Place" that sells "rebuilt" hub assemblies for VW and
VW only, with a nice fresh wheel bearing installed. 
They also sell pre-assembled strut assemblies too.  I
have used those on Jettas & Golfs with very good

You might want to call them @ 248-373-2300 and ask

I wish they would do the same for the type 44 and 4A
where the bearing is in the strut assy.  Kill two
birds with one stone.

YMMV, I would also consider doing both and getting the
lower ball joints done at the same time.

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