A4 1.8T Q (B6)- SLUDGE problem confirmed

SuffolkD@aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Wed Aug 3 18:02:07 EDT 2005

The heat soak after shut down is what contributes to the "coking" of the oil.
Thanks for the info Tony, I long suspected this issue was something like this.

Accounting (AOA) did this to us.  The "suit" tip off was the Oil 
recommendation from AOA which came to 1.8T owners.  Nothing but synthetics listed.  Why 
the switch?

Audi's (if you read their manuals closely) 10,000 oil changes.  WTF?
Check out the A6 interval for a 2.8 30V too...........

You have a problem with a 1.8T  go to town on them (AOA) and the dealer.
Your Audi assured, wasn't......

-Scott by BOSTON

> From: "Keith Lawyer" <LawyerKG at co.laplata.co.us>
> >>> Tony Hoffman <tfh400036 at yahoo.com> 8/2/2005 6:07 PM >>>
> >The reason for the sludging, according to Audi, is the lack of knowledge 
> about proper cool-down procedures of >a turbocharged engine. If you shut down 
> the engine with the turbo hot, it "cooks" the oil. 
> I think that's technically coke, ie it cokes the oil
> http://everything2.com/?node_id=28670

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