What is sealant "AMV 174 004 01"

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  I don't know if this helps, but this page mentions it in a VW rebuild.

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  At that price, it's prolly Audi's very finest duct tape, like the kind
  they use on the R-8.

  Seriously, I wish I could help you, but the smart ass in me took over.



Thanks Evan, but that page is out of the Bentley manual. Similar to what I have. Problem is that there is no translation into common terms like RTV sealant or whatever. There is also another sealant used on various parts within the valve cover that goes by AMV 188 001 02.

Max, though I'm not laughing much now, I understand how the dealer can bring out the smart ass in anyone. At first I assumed that this quantity must be for service centers -- some vat large enough to coat a couple of garage floors. Then I compared it in my head to the 750 mL bottle of the red stuff I would have to drink after my visit with the dealer.


(I'll give an update on my sludge issue soon. I wrote an email to the senior staff at the dealership and may be getting some help. Thanks to all who have replied on that.)

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