Removing Lower dash n 2002 S6 Avant

Grant gfl1 at
Sun Aug 7 08:01:08 EDT 2005

Wise ones:

I'm trying to get the lower dash off my 2002 S6 Avant.
I've done this many times on my '95 A6q and my (previous) '00 S4.

I've removed 3 8mm (headed) bolts: one inside the fuse hatch,
and two at the lower extremes of the lower dash.  but its not coming 
out easily.

I see 2 problems:

1.) I cant seem to get the OBD socket out, and it tethers the bottom end
2.) It still seems anchored, somehow, at the top, near the steering 
column and/or regular dash

Any advice?  What am I missing?


gfl1 at

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