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Hi All,

I believe here is the elusive annotation for the article where regeneration
of methane hydrates was demonstrated.  If not, the world out there is full
of references, find it yourself.
Chou, I. M., A. Sharma, R. C. Burruss, R. J. Hemley, A. F. Goncharov, L. S.
Stern, and S. H. Kirby, “Diamond-anvil cell observations of a new methane
hydrate phase in the 100-MPa pressure range,” J. Phys. Chem. A105, 4664-4668
(2001) GL Paper No. 2963
-------------end of annotation------------ 

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>  > Hi, Obviously, I did no original research on this issue;
>  Obviosly... and not nuch thought, either.

Calls for a conclusion that you don't have the facts to make.

>  > Full article can be read 
>  > here:

Worked fine for me:

>  this link does not even work.

See immediately above

>  More harsh criticrism of this "crap" to follow.

Criticize away but you'll be taking potshots at the messenger.

>  --
>  Huw Powell

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