power steering pump compatability 87 4kcsq

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Aug 8 17:10:02 EDT 2005

> My power steering pump is on its way out, groaning like mad. I was
> curious if the power steering pump from a 80/90 is compatable, 90%
> sure it is but wanted to consult the experts, my local boneyard has a
> plethora of 90's, but no 4k's.

The mounting is the same, as long as you get the two brackets that go to 
the little casting on the head.  The pulleys will line up.  The hose to 
the rack attaches at a different angle, but considering the similarities 
between platforms, the type 89 hose ought to get you to the same point 
in the engine compartment.

As long as the other hose, on top, uses the same hollow bolt etc., 
you'll be ok.  If that's different, the type 89 hose won't help as it 
goes to a different place.  Easy enough to check as long as you can get 
into the yard and do your own pulling.

Other than fitment, I think the two pumps should be interchangeable - 
the rack is the same, etc.  I also think I remember Nate S. using one in 
place of the other (which way I'm not so sure) a few years back.

Huw Powell



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