Is this the K-Car list? NAC! NAC! NAC!

Max Wellhouse maxjoyce at
Wed Aug 10 00:42:16 EDT 2005

OR.... 411's, 412's, Mavericks, Pintos, AMC Pacers(except in the 
Wayne's World movie) Opel GT's, Yugo's, Citroens, Saab Sonnets, 
Barracuda, Marlins, old Cougars, Shelby AC Cobras, ' 61 
Valiants(thank God),  Coronas, Datsun 510's, B-18's, and I'm getting tired.

Good night


At 10:57 PM 8/9/2005, c dyer wrote:
>Sorry for the wob, but I had tuh: Back in '83-85 or
>so, I had a Rabbit GTI, brilliant car. My best friend
>had a stripped, plain Jane Reliant K, refrigerator
>In Wisconsin's ridiculous cold, both cars were
>remarkably reliable. And we raced each other on a
>perfect autocross course (an office park road for an
>office park that never materialized).
>Unlike my GTI, however, his K had bench seats (better
>for dates, worse for racing) and he looked like a
>state employee coming to test the soil for raydon.
>Hmm, never see K cars on the road...or Vegas, Monzas,
>Dashers, Le Cars, Aspens, Granadas, etc etc etc...
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