Audi good will warranty

Mike Arman armanmik at
Wed Aug 10 09:08:02 EDT 2005

>Has anyone
>had any experience getting Audi to fix this as a "good will" for a  low-miles
>car that is out of warranty?

Nothing personal, honestly, but this concept is utterly alien to Audi of 

Good will? Good will? Ja, ve haff goot vill, ve allow you to buy our cars, 
und denn allow you to buy parts from us, for too much money, und ve allow 
you to suffer our attitude, vich iss if your car is more than a veek old, 
it is ab-zo-loot scheiss and you need a new one, und right now, for list 
preiz und a dealer scarcity markup of 300 perzent.

Ya, ya, ve haff goot vill, you betcha!!!

Mike Arman
90 V8, not just a car, an ADVENTURE!
(and WELL out of warranty)

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