Mark R speedracer.mark at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 14:19:54 EDT 2005

I'm a snob.  I admit it.  =)

Actually, my Escalade EXT does all of this, and more.  In fact, it
also TOWS my Audi to the track.  =)


On 8/11/05, Keith Lawyer <LawyerKG at co.laplata.co.us> wrote:
> I find it amusing that a product which could arguably blend practicality with sport has been referred to as the Joe and Bubba mobile or redneck.
> Who says Audi drivers are snobs??
> I'll grant you it's no pickup, and it won't tow a travel trailer.......but perhaps we can put it in terms listers will understand.  Say you swing by your buddy's house to pick up that spare (and greasy) Type 16 tranny.  Throw it in the bed.  Front and rear diffs (again externally dirty) for the latest project w the proper gearing?  Throw it in the bed.  That set of snow tires you just ordered?  Throw it in the bed.  How 'bout a fuel tank still ripe w fumes?  Throw it in the (open air) bed.  Then happily haul your parts home while passing everyone on the interstate in the comfort of an Audi.  Try doing any of that w an A4 trunk (and yes, I realize we all have tales of this 'n that we've put in our trunks, myself included).
> Keith L

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