90q20v won't start

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 11 18:18:58 EDT 2005

Dave (121040 at comcast.net) wrote:
 > I tried to pull the codes this morning using the socket in the
 > driver's footwell and the diagram on the 20v.org site and only
 > succeeded in blowing fuse 21 so I am wondering if the diagram
 > is labelled right.  I will check the Bentley before I try it again.

Maybe not. The one on the www.12V.org site was wrong, and has
since been corrected.  Make sure the connectors are oriented
to match the diagram.  From squinting at the diagram, it looks
like it matches the one on the 12V site (except for the 12V,
the connectors are in the fuse block under the hood).

The site seems to be down, or I'd give you a link.

Kent McLean
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