90q20v won't start

Aaron Jongbloedt jungle at hickorytech.net
Fri Aug 12 12:05:52 EDT 2005

I don't know if this was mentioned already...if it has i apologize....

There is a check valve in the fuel pump that goes bad, usually when it 
goes bad the fuel lines drain back into the tank causing increased 
starting time, but yours could really be messed up. 

Your fuel pressure regulator could also be shot...same synario as above....

Another thing you *could* do, and i mention this w/ great hesitation is 
to pull the injectors out, along w/ the fuel rail, get 5 containers to 
catch the fuel...have an assistant briefly turn the key on and maybe 
even attempt to start the car...to see if fuel is getting up to and past 
the injectors.  This method was used often w/ older CIS type cars, and 
it a bit more of a PITA w/ the fuel rail design.

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