4000s starting issue (no click/crank)

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Fri Aug 12 18:31:24 EDT 2005


 Starters here refurb'd from Bosch are $265+ CAD & cash
is pretty tight now. I rechecked the 2 other terminals
(upper & lower) with connectors attached. Th Upper with
brown shielding did light the lamp. The lower black
shielded cable did not light. At this point, it sounds
like the ignition switch is ruled out & a tow or
in-house starter swap is needed.

 A few years back when I had my starter replaced the
symptom was: it would take a couple key turns to get
things started, then more, then more then poof! it was
gone. This month there was no such symptom. Just
stopped operating one morning.

alex v.
early '86 4000s auto
5-Cyl. 2.2
288K Km in Canada

Hugh wrote:
I assume you're doing this with the wires connected to
the terminals,
not disconnected as in your photo?

Testing the starter itself is so easy it's almost
funny.  First clean up
that battery connection.  Then simply bring a good 12v
(from that
terminal 30, or better yet, a fused source) to the
(lower, I think)
start terminal (if it's the wrong one there will be no
harm.  Try the
other one - upper).  If the starter engages and turns
the engine, it's
good.  If not - it isn't.

Lifetime warranteed rebuilt ones are available for
$100, last I checked.

it sounds as though you have also determined that no
"start" signal is
getting down there from the ignition switch - if this
is really the case
(and I would double check if you can get someone with
more electrical
experience to help you out), I would tend to suspect
the wires more than
the switch at this point, per Kneale.

There is a plug on the back of the ignition switch. 
You can unplug it
and use jumpers to duplicate the functions of the

Huw Powell

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