VW van - EuroVan I think they are called . .

John Larson j.d.larson at verizon.net
Sun Aug 14 11:51:55 EDT 2005

You said:  "They all had Automatics. really a pretty trouble-free 
drivetrain, as long as it is maintained."
Except for the ones with manual trannys.
They have a LOT of drivability problems, most of which seem remarkably 
difficult to run down.  They're hard on heating/cooling system components, 
which are unbelievably hard to work on, they won't fit on a normal shop 
lift, take close to an hour to do an oil change, and ordinary replacement 
parts are obscenely expensive.  I'm just REALLY thankful the three customers 
who used to bring them in have offed them.  John 

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