mystery brake rotors and Beck Arnley catalog access

Jan Pinkowish jpinkowish at
Sun Aug 14 12:01:00 EDT 2005

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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 05:01:22 +0000
From: 121040 at
Subject: mystery brake rotors

I have a pair of new brake rotors.......  allegedly for an Audi.  Beck Arnley number is 083-2747.   Does anybody have a way of looking these up to see what they fit?


Dave and others:
You can access the Beck Arnley catalog here:,BECKxxslashxxARNLEY

When I enter your part number, I get the part and a pic, but no vehicle reference.

You can call:  866/762-5288 to get vehicle fitment.


Jan Pinkowish

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