WIper Motor, what ones are compatible?

Geoff Doctor geoff_doctor at ameritech.net
Mon Aug 15 13:03:48 EDT 2005

Alright, I had to sell my Audi 100 to pay for some repairs on the 
nissan, plus I am looking for a 4k as a replacement. I have the car 
sold IF I fix the wiper motor. I really want this sale, as most people 
turn away when they hear of the other problems. Cars I can get to for 
parts are Audi 4000, 1994 Audi 90, and a handful of VW Jettas and 
Golfs. Does anybody know if these will fit my 100? I was going to buy 
one but I need this part by tomorrow, and I was trying to save spending 
$2.89/gallon on gas to go find the parts.

Thanks in Advance!

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